Off Site Tournaments

Davison Athletic Club

Tournament Director- Jon Bosika
For Information: 810-658-8153 (Jon Bosika) or 810-653-9602 (Davison Club)
Entry Deadline is the Tuesday prior to the tournament date(s); $5 Late fee applies after this date.

Example of Davison Tournament Events:

Event Entry Fee Starting Time
U1200 $10.00 10:00 AM
U1350 $10.00 12:00 Noon
U1450 $10.00 10:00 AM
U1550 $10.00 12:00 Noon
U1650 $10.00 2:00 PM
U1750 $10.00 12:00 Noon
U1850 $10.00 2:00 PM
U1950 $12.00 4:00 PM
U2100 $12.00 2:00 PM
U2250 $13.00 4:00 PM
OPEN $15.00 2:00 PM
Juniors < 18 years $10.00 4:00 PM
U3600 $7.00 Each 3:00 PM

Farmington Hills Table Tennis Center

  • No extra charge to play in the Round Robin, $5 as usual or membership.
  • 6:00pm warm ups, also allows time to organize and schedule matches.
  • Sign in by 6:45pm, Round Robin begins at 7:00pm and ends at 10:00pm after match slips are completed.
  • USATT rules to be followed.
  • First time participants will be placed using there USATT Rating or we will estimate.
  • Matches will be played best of 5 as usual.
  • 11 tables total in club.
  • Players will be divided into 4 groups on 9 tables, two tables each, leaving one open to be shared to save time.
  • Number of players in attendance will determine how many groups per night.
  • Club ranking will be determined by wins & losses and will determine group placement for the following weeks.
  • If a player is the group winner they are guaranteed to advance to the next group the following week only.
  • A player may choose to forfeit his right to advance to a higher group if desired.
  • If you arrive after match slips are filled out you may be placed in a lower group.
  • No new matches are allowed after 9:45pm and will not be recorded.